Tsuyoshi Tomioka

Tsuyoshi Tomioka of Synergy international is one of the most discussed and written about multilevel marketing celebrities online.

In Japan, he is more celebrated as a professional rugby player more than the Synergy Global superstar he is, although his new Synergy identity has started to sink into the minds of many people.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Tomioka however is among those individuals who know what they need in life, and how to get there. Mr. Tsuyoshi has brought the rugby touch into the network marketing business and used the aggressiveness from the game to build a name and success in the competitive mlm business.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka, his rugby celeb life and involvement in the Synergy Group business opportunity has marketed Synergy international so well. Mr. Tomioka of Synergy has also provided answers to many who ask still wondering what is synergy, and all that it deals with in his success stories and YouTube videos.

All in all, Tsuyoshi Tomioka was a very successful professional Rugby player, who helped his club and country win several trophies before retiring. Tomioka is also one of the few people who have used the experience he learnt from sports to make a fortune in his life.

Before we continue, it is important I let you know that the very down to earth Tsuyoshi Tomioka was once a rugby captain, both the clubs he played for and in his national team. His leadership skills and knowledge are therefore farfetched.

Today, Tsuyoshi Tomioka is one of the ‘grandfathers’ of Synergy global business, who has achieved the time and financial freedom he yearned for in the multilevel marketing business. Mr. Tomioka is also part of the most successful leaders in the company and the second Synergy top income earner after Mark Comer, who makes a whopping $200,000 per month.

Let me say that Mr. Tsuyoshi Tomioka is a very wealthy man, in short. He currently makes a passive monthly income of $130,000, excluding all vocational bonuses and shopping gifts he had won. The most interesting fact is that his recurring commissions show no signs of reducing or slowing down!

The journey of Tsuyoshi Tomioka in Synergy Worldwide

As I said earlier, Tsuyoshi Tomioka is a go getter and a man who believes in himself and clearly knows the type of lifestyle he wants to lead.

For instance, Mr. Tomioka wanted to be a rugby player in his youth life, and that is exactly what he became. Tsuyoshi Tomioka of Synergy global also wanted a lifestyle full of time and financial freedom and guess what that is what he has achieved and has become very good at it!

I can also conclude that Tsuyoshi Tomioka is a true entrepreneur. He at first never had any prior knowledge in the Network marketing industry, but he became very excited when he stumbled upon that business opportunity, an excitement that is typical in the entrepreneurial world.

Tomioka worked really hard and it took him only six months to receive the Synergy Global presidential Executive award, setting a new record time in the Synergy worldwide business.

Mr. Tsuyoshi happened to be very successful in Synergy Company simply because of what he calls a mega Match approach to his business. A mega match simply means concentrating fully into the business, just like when playing an important game!

Following an exponential growth of his downline and expansion of his business, Mr. Tsuyoshi Tomioka was quickly becoming one of the most celebrated leaders in the mlm industry. He won a number of awards in the process including the prestigious Synergy distributor of the year award, among many others. This eventually encouraged him to work harder.

Tsuyoshi is currently one of the top mlm earners in Synergy who are still active in the business, supporting other Synergy distributors in their downlines and anybody that they come across.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka’s selflessness and positive attitude towards life has enabled him command a lot of respect from many people in the network marketing fraternity.

Mr. Tomioka increased his fame and importance in Synergy global as many more people became distributors in Synergy Company, through his downline.

More hefty checks also started to flow in making Tsuyoshi Tomioka one of the most respected and sought after leader in the network marketing industry. Some people say that it is a blessing for anybody to be in his downline, but I cannot comment on that because I have never been in his downline or interacted with him!

Tsuyoshi has however managed to build a dynamic down line in many parts of the world, and he is always on the move!

If you do not find Mr. Tomioka in his home town of Japan with his family and friends, you will definitely find him in Synergy USA, synergy Europe or any other part of the world; on vacation or featuring as a guest speaker and mlm coach.

Let us not forget that Tsuyoshi has also been awarded with the Gene Hughes Excellence Award for the exemplary work he had done for Synergy Company.

When receiving this award Tsuyoshi Tomioka said that he will definitely continue to be successful in the Synergy Worldwide business, simply because he believes he is still a short gun of a win in an multilevel marketing business. Tsuyoshi Tomioka is however humbled to win all those awards with synergy International.

Here is a word of encouragement from Tsuyoshi Tomioka if you are planning to invest in Synergy worldwide or in any multi level marketing business:  “Success at Synergy Company is way more than your imaginations. So, always focus on your goals, make every effort possible in this business and never give up. Synergy Global will never betray you or let you down in any way.”

Nevertheless, every successful leader in the network marketing industry has had his ups and downs, and Mr. Tsuyoshi Tomioka is not an exception!

Mr. Tomioka started his Synergy Business in Japan when the multi level marketing business was filled with controversies and illegal pyramid scheme accusations. Mr. Tsuyoshi however saw a lucrative business opportunity and gave it his best shot.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka however had a rough time to talk to some people about the Synergy international business opportunity, considering his rugby celebrity status. Some people only stopped to just have a close look at him, others just take photos with him while others were just there to pass time with him and build friendship.

Tomioka was however fortunate to be able to enroll few of them, who later acted as his base to advancing in the Synergy business. I am however happy to report that the few people who listened to him and enrolled to Synergy worldwide are currently very wealthy and are grateful to Tsuyoshi Tomioka.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka also gave a deaf ear to the synergy scam advises and synergy pyramid scheme accusations, and termed them as destructors; which was of course true!

All in all, it was easy for Mr. Tomioka to deal with the pyramid scheme allegations and criticisms because he was used to some yapping in his rugby profession and always knew the way out.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka was however at one time faced with a situation where his prospective distributors demanded a prove to the legitimacy of the Synergy Company, which he gladly did by showing them hefty pay checks from the company, although  it is against the privacy policies of some mlm companies. This was however the only way for them to believe in him and buy the Synergy International business idea.

Currently, Tsuyoshi Tomioka has the largest Synergy downline in Japan and has built arguably the largest number of leaders in Synergy worldwide.

Tsuyoshi Tomioka’s Awards and Accolades

Tsuyoshi Tomioka is one of the biggest names in Synergy multilevel marketing company and the Second Synergy top earner, after Mark Comer. He is in the top 150 list of top earners in the network marketing industry and one of the most followed leader in Synergy Company.

Mr. Tomioka was born a leader and a winner, and his leadership in sports and MLM business is a living proof of his blessed life.

Tomioka has however won numerous awards and bonuses in his lifetime, other than travelling to several parts of the world courtesy of the Synergy international business.

Some of the awards and accolades he has won so far include the Presidential executive award, Synergy distributor of the year award, and the Gene Hughes Excellence in service awards for his hard work and dedication in the Synergy business.

We should however not forget that Tsuyoshi Tomioka was the captain of his rugby team, both at the club and national team level. It is also rumored that Tsuyoshi Tomioka also became the director of sports Management International in Japan, before he officially decided to be an entrepreneur with Synergy worldwide.

All these awards, bonuses plus several Synergy Global travels makes Tsuyoshi Tomioka a multi level marketing leader worth following his footsteps. Thank for taking your time to read this article!