Tyler and Tasha Daniels

Tyler and Tasha Daniels of Lifevantage are currently mlm top earners, and all time income earners in NASDAQ:LFVN multilevel marketing company.

The couple describes their life history and investment in Lifevantage network marketing business as a journey filled with lots of ups and downs.

Tasha Daniels and Tyler Daniels have had one of the most turbulent lifestyles and have managed to break some few records on the way. Let me say that Tyler and Tasha Daniels are speed dating gurus, to start with! The couple met, started dating and eventually got married in a record time of two weeks! Congratulations to Tyler and Tasha Daniels wherever you are!

Many people argued that their marriage will not survive, but they were dead wrong! The couple had been through various hurdles in life, but they are still intact, happily married and still mlm top earners in lifevantage.

Tyler and Tasha Daniels are currently mlm hall of fame members, and one of the few self-made millionaires in the world. Their exceptional life history and wealth status has inspired thousands of people into taking a positive step in improving their lives.

Tasha Daniels and her husband Tyler Daniels currently make a recurring passive income of $ 130,000 per month and $1,560,000 per year. They are among the highest lifetime earners in the company and still growing wealthy and strong.

Welcome aboard as we explore the life history of Tyler and Tasha Daniels, their journey in relationship marketing and some of the awards and accolades they have earned so far!

The Biography of Tyler and Tasha Daniels

Tyler and Tasha are a husband and wife respectively. The couple has been married for more than 20 years now. Although they are currently happily married and mlms multi-millionaires, they just dated for only two weeks before tying the knot. Does that sound funny? Okay, wait until you hear how it all started out!

Before Tyler and Tasha were officially married, they were working as security police in the American Airforce. It also happened that Tyler Daniels lived a few metres away from Tasha Daniels, and they used to see one another almost every day before, during and after work, but not interested in knowing one another.

Tasha Daniels, however, had one problem in her life; shining her heavy boots. So, she was always on a look-out for somebody who could assist her in cleaning them.

Tasha, however, saw a solution to her problem in Tyler daniels; who she was used to see every day and assumed friendly.

So, one day, Tasha asked her roommate to go and request Tyler to come and assist her in cleaning her boots; and yes she was serious about it, and mind you, IT WAS JUST BOOTS!

However, Tyler Daniels declined her request but offered to teach Tasha Daniels how to shine them. The two finally managed to shine the boots and BOOM! A friendship sprung up!

Tyler and Tasha Daniels’ friendship, however, lasted for just two weeks before they decided to change their titles to the Daniels. Their meeting, courtship and later marriage happened so fast that it turned out to be a romantic story featured on magazines in Montana and was widely discussed or radios and TV channels for several months.

Tasha was a city girl from Sacramento, but after their marriage, Tyler Daniels relocated with her to Richmond, Newtor in the United States of America.

Tasha Daniels was at first in a state of shock and because she never imagined leaving behind her city life to move to a small city, but learned to like it and begin her life from a humble beginning.

The couple began life in a very small life that was approximately 900 square feet, with 2 bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen that never had a dish washer. She however had to find a dish-washer that she hooked on a wall, next to their small garage and store.

Tyler therefore moved back to his home town where he grew up, but he lived there for few months before moving to Arizona with his wife Tasha, when their traditional business was doing good, then to St. Georgia, Newtor, and finally to Sacramento, where Tasha’s family lived. The family then decided to build their home there near their families and start a new life.

Tyler and Tasha Daniels’s Journey in Lifevantage Corporation

Tyler and Tasha Daniels had invested in the real estate business prior to joining network marketing. The couple had two young kids, but was satisfied with their ordinary business life. Although Tyler and Tasha Daniels were financially well-off, they never had time to be with their young children.

It is however Tyler who first got introduced to the network marketing business and eventually talked Tasha into it. Tasha on the other hand never wanted anything to do with mlm business, because she thought the business was embarrassing. Daniels Tasha could simply not help it talking to her parents about a direct selling business, leave alone recruiting them into it.

So, Tyler Daniels was left on his own at first, before Tasha finally decided to give him a hand. The family was however ready to invest in that business, simply because it promised time freedom; something they badly needed in their lives.

Tyler Daniels in fact used his first month earnings to proof to his wife that there was something constructive in lifevantage, and he was not always away from home for no good reason.

Tyler Daniels had to however join lifevantage, because that s the only way his children and family will have a bright future. Tyler Daniels always wanted his children to have a passive income that will enable them go to any place in the world without complaining of lack of time or money.

Tyler and Tasha Daniels have however started to experience the fruits of their life advantage business opportunity. Tyler is now at home full time together with his children and learning a lot in the process. Some of activities you can find them involved in include playing basketball, swimming and helping them with their school work among many others.

Although the Daniels are a very wealthy couple, they are training their children to be responsible members of the society. For instance, their elder son works at a local car dealer as a cleaner, while her sister is being trained to become a professional basketball player, which has always been her dream in life.

This does not however mean that the parents cannot afford all the luxuries for their children; it is only that they want them to learn how hard it is to earn a dollar by themselves, so that they can be able to manage their parents’ wealth in future.

Tyler and Tasha Daniels also said that they want their children to learn where they have also come from, before they start appreciating where they are today.

Nevertheless, Tyler and Tasha Daniels have been in Lifevantage for over ten years and they are currently very successful, although they believe that  their company is still small, but growing fast when compared to other relationship marketing companies on the globe.

The Daniels however believes that perseverance is what defines success in the network marketing industry. Tyler Daniels says that if you are a network marketing product distributor and you want to be successful, then you should at least be able to go to every mlm seminar and event, call your downline to know what issues they are facing, ask your upline your burning questions and interact with them to know and discuss what they are doing right or wrong.

Lastly but not least, the Daniels agrees with other mlm top earners that network marketing gives an equal opportunity to succeed, despite of your poverty level or the language you speak.

Nevertheless, success in relationship marketing business does not matter where you come from, your race, religion, family background, gender, married or single so long as you work hard and persevere.

Tyler and Tasha’s Awards and Accolades in LifeVantage International

Tyler and Tasha Daniels were security professionals who are currently very success lifevantage distributors. They have experienced almost all the hardships associated with multilevel marketing business, without allowing the word quit in their vocabulary books!

The Daniels are currently lifevantage top earners and one of the most successful couple in the network marketing Company. They are currently making a monthly passive income of $130,000 per month and are referred to as Master Pro 10. This means that they have gone through 10 levels in Lifevantage Corp, graduating from pro 1, 2, 3, 4…to 10 then becoming master pros10.

Tyler and Tasha Daniels have also won a number of bonus checks with Lifevantage that has enabled them travel to various exotic places in the world, with their family. The couple is a highly sought after mlm coaches in Lifevantage mlm and are still determined to take the company to a completely new level.


What is Lifevantage?

Lifevantage is a privately held health, beauty and fitness network marketing company based in Salt lake City, Utah in the United States of America.

The Lifevantage reviews, Wikipedia and the Reuters magazine state that the company started out as Lifeline Therapeutics, Yak River Resources and Lifeline neutraceuticals in June 1988, before it became lifevantage in 2003, when those three companies merged and decided to include Protandim into its product line. The Protandim product and the whole of Lifevantage product lines are a result of extensive research pioneered by Dr. Joe McCord.

The Lifevantage products were initially sold in retail stores until 2009, when the company decided to use a multilevel marketing business approach to in marketing its products throughout the world.

The purpose or goal of Lifevantage INC is to identify, research develop and distribute skin care products and its neutraceutical dietary supplements.

Lifevantage products

The lifevantage company has since its inception produced a number of products. Some of the products that the Company produces even today include: protandim, Lifevantage Truescience product line, Axio and Canine Health; which is meant for dogs.


Protandim has been described by Lifevantage as a dietary supplement that slows down the aging process and rejuvenates the body, making you look young by providing an antioxidition protection.

Lifevantage Science product line

The Lifevantage Truescience product line is fairly dominated by the anti-aging skin care products. The products in this line include Truescience perfecting lotion, Utra Gentle Facial Cleanser, Truescience Eye Corrector SerumTruescience anti-aging cream.

All these products from Lifevantage products use the Lifevantage Nrf2 technology, as they eliminate the visible signs brought about by oxidative stress.


Axio is a Lifevantage energy drink that perfects mental performance and promote body alertness. This energy drink also comes in powder form that has a lot of sustained energy, promote a positive mood and improve mental focus.

Canine Health

The canine health product is another major lifevantage product that is designed to reduce oxidative stress in dogs through Nrf2 activation. Canine Health also has some traces of protandim that support joint functioning in dogs, combat oxidative stress, flexibility and mobility in dogs.

Life Vantage Corporation uses a direct selling business approach to sell its products in many international networks. Lifevantage have however opened its branches in the United States of America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and many other regions in the world.

The Lifevantage Compensation Plan

Lifevantage Corporation is a network marketing company, just like Amway, Nu Skin, Ambit Energy and many others. This means that the company only uses an mlm approach to sell its products in all of its markets in the world.

Every MLM company however has its own unique compensation plan and Lifevantage Compensation plan is not an exception.

It is however important to note that you can only be allowed to market Lifevantage products, if you are a registered product distributor there or you are the company’s preferred customer.

Lifevantage then sells its products on wholesale to its distributors, who then make a profit by selling those products to its consumers. The Lifevantage distributors are also allowed to recruit other people into the business.

Independent Business owners or independent product distributors therefore make some commissions for every individual they recruit into the lifevantage business, and for every product they sale. This enables a product distributor to make recurring commissions even if they become inactive in the business.

Lifevantage Pyramid Scheme Allegations

This is one of the relationship marketing companies that has what I can call the lowest number of lifevantage scam advises and pyramid scheme accusations.

Although it is difficult to get 100% satisfied customers, the company has filed several Lifevantage lawsuits on any false allegations that have been made online.

It is however important to note that this is still a new and growing mlm company, but it has shown signs of stability in the direct selling industry, surviving various economic crises up to now.

Let us hope the company will be there to benefit you and me at one point in life! Thank you for your time!