Werner Kaiser

Werner Kaiser – Lyoness Top Earner


People all over the world are searching for a better way to earn money. This is the reason why MLM is on the up and coming. I really can’t blame anybody for wanting something better. In every corner of the world, ordinary people are losing their jobs, companies are downsizing, and unemployment is rising. There are even some places where the whole country is in a financial crisis. How are you supposed to support yourself and your family when the whole country is in a financial turmoil?


Network marketing is an option where you can decide to work part-time to earn extra income. A lot of MLM top earners state that they start in relationship marketing as a way to pay bills. But before long, the opportunity for financial growth was so enormous, they just decide to make it a full-time, home-based business.


Back in the day, you could stay with a company for 25-30 years, retired, and live out your senior years in peace. This is no longer the case. First, there is no more staying with one company for this long. If you are with the same company for five years, count your blessings. Today, big corporations are laying people off left and right, without regard to how many years of services these folks have put in.


From my own experience, I worked with a woman, who I will call Mary, who had been with this major telecommunications company for more than 25 years. One Friday, the COO got on the intercom and just started running off names. He asked the individuals to meet him in the large conference room. This woman’s name was called, and she went.


When Mary came back, she had a big box in her hand. She told me that she was let go, that’s it. No explanation, no nothing. There is no longer job security or loyalty. To quote “save money,” these big corporations don’t think twice about firing an employee. And let’s be truthful, you can call it whatever you want, but “downsizing,” “restructuring,” and “corporate organizing” are just nice terms for fired.


Now, the thing is Mary was well into her 50’s, with grown children and grandchildren. What company is going to hire her? I don’t care what nonsense these corporations say about hiring older workers, the reality is they don’t.


The main reason is, because they don’t want to pay what the person is worth salary-wise. Not to mention, paying insurance on an employee this age. This is why more corporations are encouraging employees to retire earlier and earlier: to save money. So at her age, where is Mary supposed to go? What is she supposed to do to keep a roof over her head?




When I was in college, I remember a professor told the class that getting a degree was fine, but we should be prepared to perform another job skill. He told us that there was no longer the thought that you would receive your degree, get a job in that field, and work until retirement. Now, I see his point.


You have got to be flexible, and even a little adventurous, when it comes to earning your keep. I have always had the notion of following my career. I am thankful that I have always lived by the thought that I will take a chance at every opportunity that comes my way. I have learned that opportunities don’t come around twice. And for the ones that didn’t turn out like I expected, at least I tried.


Moreover, I consider them life lessons. The next time, I know what to do different; to zig, instead of zagging. There are also the new people I have met and the places I have been. I never consider any experience I have had a waste of time. Everything I do, whether it is professional or personal, I consider a relationship. And with any relationship, it either is going to work out good or bad. If it turns out bad, at least I know what I don’t want for the next one.




Multilevel marketing is often referred as being the best avenue to financial and time freedom. Every MLM top earner I have read and written about speaks of how relationship marketing gives the time to spend with children, travel, and just relax.


I know that when I worked in corporate America, I never knew what would happen from one day to the next. You didn’t know when you walked in the door if there were changes overnight that would give you new co-workers or a new boss. That not knowing is what gives people ulcers and other physical ailments.


You don’t have these issues when you are an independent distributor. You decide what you are going to do every day, and you stick to your goals. You are your own boss, and that doesn’t mean just being in charge, especially if you have a team.


It is your job to lead and to do so with compassion and encouragement. If you want to know what type of leader to be, be the opposite of the type of dominant, dictator boss you had in corporate America.


Another important freedom with MLM is you get to pick your co-workers. If anything should be a pull toward getting involved with network marketing, this is it. Again, from my own experience in corporate America, co-workers were often worse to deal with than my boss. The nasty attitudes, backstabbing, pettiness, and belittling are ridiculous. And these are supposed to be grownups!


When you have your own MLM business, you choose who you want on your team. I know of one top MLM earner who says he tells his prospective recruits that if they are not willing to work hard and they don’t have a desire to do what it takes to be financial-free, don’t waste his time. I like this! He works hard, so he wants people around him who are on the same page.




I don’t know if you realize this, but I am going to tell you just in case. When you decide to, as the old folks say, better yourself, you are going to see people’s true colors. There is nothing worse than being around someone who has hidden jealousy towards you. But in the end, I don’t care how phony this person is, there true self is always going to manifest itself.


If you tell someone that you are thinking about starting a new career in MLM, see what their reaction is. Even if I wouldn’t do something myself, I would never discourage anyone from personal and professional growth; this is what true friendship and respect is. But there are those when you say you have a goal you want to go after will have something negative to say.


And these individuals aren’t just friends, either. I know from personal experience, I have family members who are the same way. Every time something positive would happen for me, or I wanted to achieve a goal, I was told, “Why? You got a good job. Just keep your mouth shut and get the money.”


What kind of nonsense is this to say to someone? I would never discourage a person from going after living a fulfilled life. Even when everything in my life isn’t going as planned. This is a telltale sign of selfishness, and I make sure to keep individuals like this away from around me.


Ironically, this is a big no-no in MLM. There is absolutely no way you can be a selfish, self-centered person and expect to prosper in multilevel marketing. The whole drive behind growing personal and financially is centered on how well you and your team does. It isn’t just about you, but about the people who you have chosen to be your downline. Your success is measured by the success of your recruits. It shows how effective you are as a leader and a multilevel marketer.




Werner Kaiser, a board member for Lyoness, believes this to be true. As a Lyoness top earner, he says that he would never ask any of his team members to do anything he isn’t willing to do. He realizes that each of his recruits has different dreams and goals. It is his job to make sure that each one is met.


When there is a task that needs to be done, Werner says that, as the leader, you have to be ready to step up to the plate and do it. According to him, this is the most important management tool in the industry. He believes in giving more than he thinks he can, to push himself beyond his boundaries. It is no surprise he is at the top in the Lyoness MLM business.


He is also considered to be a real asset to the Lyoness business. Werner is the type of Lyoness consultant who motivates his team, delivering clear ideas and goals. I will admit, I had never heard of Lyoness before reading about him, but it sounds like a real winner.


Established in 2003, in Austria, Lyoness is a privately-owned, network marketing business that focuses on giving its members cashback discounts and merchants customer loyalty perks. There are close to 29,000 Lyoness partners. Presently, Lyoness has over four million members worldwide. Every purchase made by a member at one of its partners benefits the Lyoness Child and Family Organization (charity) and the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (environmental organization).


Lyoness compensation plan is pretty simple. With your paid membership, you accrue points every time you buy something from one of its merchants. If you sign up other people, you receive a percentage of any purchases they make from a Lyoness merchant.


If one of the people you signed up as a member recruits someone else into becoming a Lyoness member, you receive money from those purchases as well. You can definitely make money here. There are also friendship bonuses too.


Most people who sign up as members with Lyoness really like the fact that part of their money is helping charities for children, families, and the environment. It seems that even companies in other parts of the globe know the main objective of multilevel marketing: helping others live a better life.