Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang is a visionary but relatively short couple; although that is not important at the moment! The most important thing, however, is the fact that the couple is one of the ACN top earners and most definitely relationship marketing champions!

I am obliged to use the word ‘champion’ simply because the term best describes their bold step of investing in the ACN network marketing business, when nobody knew what the business was all about in Korea!

Wongyun Woo’s transition from a military man, a corporate employee and later to the mlm entrepreneurial world is one of the humblest experiences I have ever heard in my life.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang came to ACN without understanding a word in English, but not anymore. Wongyun Woo’s comprehension of the English language is quickly improving and I am covering his story today as a proof that anything is possible in life, but with hard work and determination!

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang’s story is therefore a life changing transition from an ordinary financially struggling couple living in a one-bedroom basement ghetto apartment, to one of the most respected and feared MLM leaders and multi-millionaires in the ACN Business.

Although the couple’s story is quite touching, you will never believe it if you see the classy cars the couple drives and the mansion they are currently living in today!

To just give you a taste of their juice, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang currently makes a recurring residual income of $130,000 per month, just from ACN network marketing business.

Here is the couple’s story on their humble beginning and journey to the top of their mlm businesses! Enjoy!

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang Journey in ACN Global

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang had spent more than 10 years investing in the direct selling business, before they were introduced to ACN international.

Just before joining the ACN business, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang were relatively successful entrepreneurs in another mlm business. The couple had built a very stable income flow in that particular Mlm Company and had a very dynamic down line that made an annual sales volume of over 150 million dollars.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang was therefore vey contented with their network marketing business, and the type of money they earned from the business.

As a result, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang were not looking for any business opportunity to invest in when they heard about ACN Global.

All in all, the ACN vision, ACN compensation plan and the ACN products made that MLM offer irresistible.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang says that they saw what they have been looking for in ACN International, and wondered were that business opportunity had been hiding all along.

Wongyun Woo however says that his dreams turned him into a compass that directed him towards the ACN business opportunity, which he is now reaping millions of dollars from!

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang however joined ACN Global, when the company and MLMs businesses were fairly new in Korea. Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang’s first goal was to however achieve success in ACN global and set high standards for other mlm entrepreneurs to follow. Wongyun Woo cannot however imagine how soon all this success happened!

To cut the long story short, it took the couple nine months to become ACN Regional Vice president and Senior Vice president in Korea for the first time in the history of ACN in the republic of Korea.

Since joining ACN Global, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang have not only improved their living standards, but have also developed individually and grown to become one of the greatest MLMs leaders in the globe; without sabotaging their Korean identity or disowning their Asian background.

The couple is currently very happy and is enjoying their Multilevel marketing residual income from their ACN business. Other than reaping from the ACN direct selling company, the couple is still earning commissions from other network marketing businesses they had invested earlier on and are thrilled to be among the few entrepreneurs who have invested in the modern, fast-based and fun MLMs business atmosphere.

The most interesting fact is that it took Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang exactly one year to achieve all they ever wanted in life. As a result, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang was part of the ACN VIP retreat team that travelled to Mauii, when he was still the Regional Vice president in ACN International, and the first ever person to have such an award in ACN Korea.

It is in Mauii that Wongyun Woo was awarded the Senior Vice president in ACN, and earned himself a hefty check as a result. On returning home from the retreat, Wongyun Woo bought his wife a Luxurious car, to just thank her for her support and prolific partnership in their ACN business. This made many of their old friends envious, while others admired them as few others distanced themselves from Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang, out of fear and respect.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang says that they are currently living their dream life, and are looking forward to investing more of their time in ACN business for at least the next twenty years.

Currently, if you do not find the couple in their palace in Korea, you will probably find them in seminars within or outside the country. The couple knows what it is like to have fun, so do not be surprised to see them in your local town splashing out their hard earned cash!

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang’s personal life

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang is a short guy who always sees it as an honor for him to stand in front of a lot of tall people! Wongyun Woo always feels like he is being rewarded for being short for all those years. That is why Wongyun Woo always feels special when being honored for his great achievements in ACN business.

With all that said, it is a fact that Wongyun Woo is very successful today because he never gave up on his dreams unlike majority of us!

On his personal life, Wongyun Woo of ACN worked in the military since he was 18 years old and finally changed profession in his mid twenties when he secured himself a corporate job in Korea. That is when he met his wife; Misoon Hwang, and got married without receiving any support from his family.

The couple then rented a one bedroom apartment in the basement of a house in Korea, which had just a TV as the only electronic in their whole house.

Contrary to their financial struggling state, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang had a lot of friends who were doing better in life when compared to theirs.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang’s home was however more of a marriage reunion center than a place to live. Several families used to visit them in their ghetto apartment to just have a look at a happy and satisfied family, though very poor. Their friends did this after having fights in their marriages over possessions and money.

So, their friends will have a look at Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang, how happy they are in their poor status, and go back to their houses united and laughing at themselves.

The most interesting fact is that it is only the flesh of Wongyun Woo that used to live in his poor form. His heart, mind and feelings were busy dreaming about exotic places, riding in classy cars, until he finally achieved them.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang says that they were lucky to have rich neighborhoods nearby. So, Wongyun Woo would drive to those places to just go and watch tall buildings and well furnished apartments that he always dreamt of owning. He used to say that one day he will lead that type of life, and it wasn’t long since his dream came true!

It is however unfortunate that Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang’s old friends no longer visit their now prestigious home. When the couple inquired from them why, majority of them agreed that their mansion has now changed from a house to reunite them to something that makes them argue, quarrel or fight about!

The couples stopped visiting them after discovering that Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang   home was so prestigious that the couples compared theirs to, rather than admiring the love and caring life the couple led.

All in all, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang says that they now happy because they have never felt like having important and genuine friends in life than they currently do in ACN Global. Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang believes that friends change with time and he thanks God for the many new friends he has got from the relationship marketing business.

Awards and Accolades

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang is a true zero to hero relationship marketing story! Their awards, accolades and bonuses are a proof that the couple has achieved what very few people can possibly achieve in ACN Global and the direct selling business.

When it comes to awards, Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang are currently proud holders of Regional vice president award and Senior Vice president award in ACN korea and ACN Europe.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang are also in the ACN Circle of Champions and are regular members of the mlm hall of fame celebrities. They are currently in the top 200 list of all time mlm top earners in network marketing industry and in top 10 list of ACN top earners of all times.

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang are also a very respected couple that has appeared in various mlms forums, TV programs and has been featured in several blogs on the internet. Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang are also big names in Korea, and they have won several bonuses and recognitions, both from the country and from the relationship marketing business.