Yun-Tae Hwang

Yun-Tae Hwang – MLM Top Earner in Synergy

Did you guys ever have trouble finding information about people? I sure hope no, well in this fast age of information that should not be a problem if you have the right questions to ask. Right? Yeah well I do have a few questions now, this man has intrigued me. A big player like him from the fashion industry, getting into MLM and climbing to the top. What would you have done, if you were this famous big shot who established his who rand of clothing line, all thanks to his vision and focus? Would you be as humble as him? Well, everyone has a story to tell, though his story looks like a fairy tale, he had his fair share of ups and downs. Quite interestingly, Yun Tae, and his brother, Han Tae, both share the common apparition. They thrive to succeed. In a recent interview, Yun spoke about “Why Synergy”, after watching that I must say he has a special ability to grab attention and he does it with ease. Synergy is indeed lucky to have him. A few days ago, I had no idea about what multilevel marketing meant and now I can say that if you want to become a MLM earner, you have to be an extremely good marketer. You have to market yourself, your products and your service in a way that grabs the interest of as many as possible. Multilevel marketing is now a huge business, I couldn’t believe that people actually pay to be a part, and these people are rewarded when they inspire others to join the business, though there are many approaches, the pyramid plan is famous. But legitimate groups, rely on the quality of their products for success and sustenance. Yun has a gift of expertise in all above qualities, so when he choose synergy, it was a breath of fresh air. Yun decided to join Synergy solely based on his instinct about the quality of the products. He welcomed the change of pace in his life gladly. He said that only your “choice” and ability to focus in “direction” on your goal can bring you close to success and he along with his brother are living proof. Now he is in a place where he leads a life of plenty according to him. He is humble to credit his financial success to Synergy. I thought all this success credit to synergy? Why? He worked pretty hard to get there right? Is it delivery such good products? After I did some digging, I found that Synergy products are chosen as best supplements in the world, and what’s more, they have proof. That’s assuring! Why shouldn’t they be, the research team includes not only smart biologists, chemists, nutritionists, along with PhDs. They invest tons of money on the world class testing equipment and laboratories. To ensure purity, the ingredients are supplied by the company itself. A third party auditor confirms the quality and potency of the products. In case of health, stringent measures like these are called for. Yun believes that every human is granted with three powers, and one has to be canny to use them effectively. The “calmness” to accept the past, “courage” to create your future and “wisdom” to identify your choice in the present. Wow! That’s deep! So what he basically means is that since we cannot change what’s is already done, we have to calmly accept it and to make sure we do not repeat it in the future we have to have wisdom to differentiate right from wrong and since just identifying and accepting out faults is not sufficient, we have to dream about creating out own future and have to take the responsibility f our destiny in life. He says that at Synergy, they dream the future together, work together and achieve together. Maybe that is the reason Synergy is one of the 0.06% companies that has survives over 30 years. Han Tae, Yun’s brother had an ordinary life before joining Synergy, He said “ I was afraid of what to expect in the future, but now, after joining Synergy I am waiting for the future”. Seems he wasn’t interested in Synergy but his opinion changed when he saw how the products improved his father’s health. This along with his Brother’s able guidance motivated him to join Synergy. Now both the brothers enjoy the Double Presidential Executive Position, two sons out of four, cool isn’t it? He rose from a student in financial debt to a man who earns respect along with money. Han says and I quote “Since I joined Synergy, I realized the pleasure of living the phrase, ‘To give is better than to receive’”. He is proud that he now has the money to spend for his family along with time to stay together supported by god health to do so. He advises beginners at Synergy to aim for a target in life, never stop working to reach your target and never stop caring for people around you. That’s cool advice thanks mate! I say what else does a man need. That’s a happy man! Yun joined Synergy, in 2004 and slowly but willingly worked his way up the ladder, he became the presidential executive in 2008, impressively built his business and in 2012, Double Presidential executive this was not a surprised. The stable relation of Synergy with Nature’s sunshine is an immense advantage and gave rise to many financial opportunities and he continued to build his business. Now let’s talk business, as Yun said, “why Synergy? Well for starters, Synergy is one of the influential MLM’s with many members in top 100 earners. This is the choice of most people with wise plan of business. Synergy has the best compensation plan among the eminent companies till day. Yun classified all the companies into either proven companies or locally established companies. With his 20 years of experience he takes the liberty to spread out the current stats of the industry and why Synergy is better, for us. In other words, he gives us a clear picture about why many companies could not make it to the top. As we know that MLM has a pyramid business plan and this plan is implemented until one day it suddenly collapses. Well Synergy is not in that kind of situation, not since Bill Gates introduced the two legged plan. Why is this advantageous? Let’s find out. To get a better understanding of this plan, we have to first identify why these proven companies and locally established companies never made it to the general what I comprehend from this case is that when Bill Gates introduced his new plan, only Synergy was able to mold their previous pyramid plan and adopt to this new scheme. In Yun’s words this was because, Synergy has the best quality products and depends on sales of the products rather than fees of participants. Also, Synergy was one of the 0.06% companies to sustain over 30 years. Don’t you think 30 years is a great deal of time for a company to retain its sales and fame? I wonder how many times they had to face adversities, because it is one thing to maintain the high quality of products, and a completely new thing to keep the existing clients at the same time seek new clients. This calls for adaptability, so that they are ready for any kind of stressful event and this admirable feature helped Synergy to climb to the top and not only that to change their pyramid plan as and when needed. The change was possible only because of the expert advisers who identified that this new plan could bring progress along with success. So now we get the idea of how things works! Coming to the proven and local companies, they have to have both reliable products and they have to be in those 0.06% companies to lead in the front. Yun points out that now, both the proven companies and the locally established companies, have to seek the partnership and guidance of Synergy, to get along with the flow of rapid changing networking industry. The only possible hope for these companies to survive is to upgrade their bonus plan. So he effectively concludes that’s why he choose Synergy! Yun still continues to build his business as earnestly as ever, his main motive in life is to live a life of a leader who prospers and brings along the people with whom he prospers. His formula of achieve a goal is to “focus and repeat”. Yes that’s what he said when asked about it in the Summit in 2012. Focus till you can’t and then start from the beginning. This was his ultimate recipe for success. Not only focusing, another important quality that needs to be addressed here is the complete use of time, using the time in such a way that it does not deprive us of other simple happiness’s in life but help us to reach our goals. I want to end this discussion by quoting Yun himself, he advices aspirants, “If you have the ingredients of desire, passion and action, you already have the recipe for success with Synergy. If you have your dream and work energetically to achieve it, you will. I did.” My personal thoughts dwell where he suggests everyone to make the right choices in the right direction. I am fascinated by how he has turned himself into a living proof of his ideals. On this note let’s hope to triumph by our ideals.